[Growth 筆記 2] Growth Model 的重要性

“Poor distribution—not product—is the number one cause of failure.”
Peter Thiel – Paypal, Facebook, Founders Fund

曾經 Great Technology = Success

現在 Great Technology + Great Product = Success

Note: This concept is adapted from David Bland’s  original tweet here .

最重要的是 distribution – 也就是盡可能找到更多潛在客戶

因此 growth model 重要

  1. Strategy – How will we sustain growth over the long term?
  2. Priority – How do I decide between x and y initiatives?
  3. Prediction – How will this feature impact growth?
  4. Channels – Will this channel make a difference?
  5. Communication – How do I talk to my team about growth?

growth model 金字塔

  1. 底層 Qualitative Model: The qualitative model is the foundation that allows you to communicate to a wide internal audience about how your product will grow. It forms the foundation for the quantitative model.
  2. End-to-End Quantitative Model: The end-to-end quantitative model, based on the qualitative model, maps out all the key levers in your product.
  3. Mini Model: Mini models are super detailed models that focus on a small aspect of your product. You can use this model when your team is focused on one key area

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