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Antonio Damasio 研究腦部受傷者,為處理情緒之腦部分。發現無法做出極小的決定。

  1. 我們都假設目標客群是理性的
  2. 我們假設情緒無限,但其實引領行為的情緒有限
  3. 找出邏輯較簡單

There are four types of logical appeals we can use for our product and our messaging to solidify the initial emotion we want to tap into.

  1. Features – the specifics of what that product does
  2. Statistics – the facts and figures that help us justify our emotional decision
  3. Reliability – can we rely on what this product says it can do?
  4. Price – if the price is introduced before the emotion, then it’s hard to justify the price

    When we use these four logical appeals, we need to be careful because the part of the brain that processes these logical appeals is challenged in three specific ways:
    1. Our logical brain is lazy – It’s constantly looking for shortcuts, and we need to use these shortcuts if we want to effectively appeal to the logical part of our brain.
    2. Our logical brain is easily depleted – It requires full focus and energy to process. So if we introduce these logical appeals at the wrong time in the decision-making process, we will leave our customers depleted and confused.
    3. Our logical brain gets overwhelmed easily – We need to make sure that we don’t flood our users with too many logical appeals. People can only hold three to four pieces of logic in their heads at a given time, and we need to be careful about what pieces of logic we present and when we present them.



Decision hill 越陡,越難爬,越難決定。影響山丘的因子如下:

  1. 時間 – 越長越陡
  2. 錢錢 – 越貴越陡
  3. 社群 – 大家都在用則簡單
  4. 例行家常便飯 – 有養成這樣的習慣嗎?例如用 fb 登入,一開始不習慣,後來就習慣了
  5. 思緒 – 想越多越陡

能量來自 emotion + motivation 前者灌入能源 後者 accelerate

As an example of these motivational boosts, let’s consider an Amazon purchase page that showcases four motivational boosts in action:

  1. Trust – customer reviews invoke trust and help boost a customer’s motivation to
    purchase the product
  2. Bargain – same-day prime delivery
  3. Scarcity – only twenty left in stock
  4. Urgency – order within two hours and get same-day delivery


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