[Growth 筆記 8] ELMR 的應用

Trigger: FB ad
Bridge: Landing page
Action: signup
Reward: free trial to save time

Trigger: click content somewhere
Bridge: content
Action: subscribe
Reward: download template

8 種 trigger 管道

  1. E-mail
  2. Mobile push
  3. In-product – triggers placed within a product such as a Facebook notification bar
    or the trigger in the Airbnb viral flow
  4. Platform – triggers to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other platforms
    where our users live
  5. Browser – notifications through browser extensions
  6. Desktop – notifications on your desktop, such as DropBox’s syncing or new file
  7. Paid media – paid ads act as triggers within various platforms and environments
    where our users spend time
  8. Snail mail – direct mail such as product catalogs from e-commerce companies

selfish: airbnb 的邀請信一直強調 “you”
specific: signup and you’ll save up to $30

4 Logical appeals –
features, stats, reliability, price
(demo 是否要強調 AWS 和一些數據??)

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