[SaaS 筆記 30] SNAP Selling

SNAP Selling

Buyer’s Matrix: A core foundation of your sales
strategies that enables you to get inside your customer’s
heads to better serve their needs.

D-Zone: The dreaded space where your sales email or
outreach gets deleted.

Frazzled Customer Syndrome: An understanding that
today’s salespeople are working with today’s crazy-busy,
impatient, easily distracted, demanding prospects.

Go Zone: A space where the SNAP factors are tightly
addressed and your sales outreach results in a response.
SNAP Selling: A sales strategy that sellers need to win
deals with today’s modern buyers. The core factors are
simple, invaluable, align, and priorities.

The Three Decisions: An understanding of the unique
stages a prospect is in when deciding to choose your
business. These stages are allowing access, switching from
the status quo, and changing resources.

“Keep It Simple. Because crazy-busy prospects cannot
handle complexity of any sort, savvy sellers will do whatever
it takes to make it easy for make a change from the status
Be iNvaluable. Overwhelmed buyers want to work with
experts who continually bring them fresh ideas. You, the
seller, are now the primary differentiator – not your products
or services.
Always Align. This is all about relevance and risk. When
you’re aligned with their critical business objectives and
core beliefs, people will want to work with you.
Raise Priorities. It’s an absolute imperative to work with
frazzled prospects on their priority projects. With their
limited capacity, that’s all they can currently focus on.”

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