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Prospect: “Sorry I had to push back our meeting again. Are you free in two weeks?

Salesperson: “Typically when someone pushes a meeting back a few times, it means this isn’t a priority for your team at the moment. Is it fair for me to assume that’s the case?

In sales, you want to get the “no” as soon as possible so you can move on. Otherwise, your prospect might drag you along for weeks or months without giving a definitive answer. I call this “Hope Island,” and it usually sounds like:

  • Hey, can you call me back?
  • Send me an email and I’ll get back to you.
  • Hey, follow up with me next week.
  • Sorry I had to cancel, I’ll get back to you with a better time.

When I hear those phrases I know I’m screwed. I don’t want to stay on Hope Island and keep calling even though they’re probably not interested.

This also happens when I’m setting next steps after presentations. Instead of saying “We’re not interested right now,” which would be ideal, you’ll hear “We’ll think about it and get back to you,” “Let’s follow up in two weeks,” or the dreaded “Oh, that’s pricey but it could work.” These phrases tell me it’s time to try Negative Reverse Selling.

ou want to call out your prospect’s lack of interest and get them to admit the answer is “No” without going too negative. Essentially, you’re getting them to realize they’re bullshitting you. Here’s the formula:

Prospect: “XYZ fluffy response.

Salesperson: “Typically when I hear someone say XYZ, it really means ABC. Is it fair for me to assume that’s the case?

Let’s get more specific about use cases. If you’re scheduled to provide a demo for your prospect and his colleagues, but he cancels and says, “I’ll talk it over with my team and get back to you,” here’s how you might respond:

Salesperson: “I get it Sam, but we were supposed to all meet together for a demo. Typically, when this happens it means you might not be interested in our product. Is it fair for me to assume that’s the case, or do you really need to run this over with your team?

Prospect Sam: “Actually, this is out of our budget right now.

Prospect Sam: “I’m headed into a meeting; can you give me a call next week?

Salesperson: “Sam, I’ve tried to connect a few times now. Typically, when this happens, it means this is a low priority for you at the moment. Is it fair for me to assume that’s the case?

Prospect Sam: “Well if you don’t want to talk to me, then I’d rather not do business with you.

Salesperson: “Hey Sam, my apologies. I do want to talk, but I feel like I’m driving you crazy here with all these voicemails and missed calls. I’d hate to keep bothering you if it’s not necessary. It might be best if you reach out when it’s a better time.


  1. Conduct warm outreach
  2. Meet virtually
  3. Never oversell
  4. Don’t give your demo too much weight
  5. Ask the right questions
  6. Break up with bad prospects
  7. Avoid moving too quickly
  8. Respect your prospects
  9. Stay active on social media
  10. Work closely with Marketing …
  11. … But don’t rely on Marketing to generate all your leads
  12. Embrace a meeting booking app
  13. Always be learning
  14. Get a sales mentor
  15. Take care of yourself
  16. Ditch the trade show
  17. Network on LinkedIn
  18. Have a flexible sales process
  19. Find the right call cadence
  20. Institutionalize good strategies

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