[SaaS 筆記 35] 19 Closing Techniques

  1. Now or never close: 創造急迫性
  • “This is the last one at this price.”
  • “We’ve got a 20% discount just for customers who sign up today.”
  • “If you commit to buy now, I can fast track you to the front of the implementation queue.”
  • 年底買送兩個月

2. Option close: 給他選

  • We could do the first installment at the end of this week or the beginning of next. What works best for you?
  • 月付還年付?

3. The assumptive close: 假設他要用了 順水推舟

  • 下週一開始導入?

4. The Something For Nothing Close:好東西會被看見


5. The Inoffensive Close

“What I learned from today in our discussion was that you have some areas where we could help bridge the gap for your organization, like the additional production support, the increased access to online resources, the consolidation of your three operations challenges, and a chance to add a new widget option to your line of widget offering. Do you have anything to add that I might have missed based on our discussion today?

  1. (Assume the prospect says no. Then ask the following in this order)

    After our meeting today, do I have a good grasp on what you need?
  2. Will our widget plan address those needs?
  3. Do you have another way you want to address those needs?
  4.  If our widget can address those needs and any expectations you might have, are you ready to accept us as your partner to work toward your goals?

6. The If I – Will You Close (sharp angle close)


7. The Backwards Close – 回到原點求介紹

你有認識的人可以介紹嗎?我們可以省下他 30% 的成本。

8. The Puppy Dog Close – 愛狗 帶狗回家養 不願讓他走了


9. The Scale Close – 叫他選分數

“If five meant you were really interested in our widget and one meant you still had questions, how interested are you in our widget?”

(Assume the prospect gives you a four.)

“Okay. That’s great. Can you tell me why a four?

(The prospect tells you some design features of the widget he or she likes.)

Yes, most of our clients like those features, too. So why don’t you give me a five?

(Assume the prospect gives you a price objection.)

“Ah! That’s understandable. I have had other clients that were reluctant to switch to our widgets to, but they found that the value they provided more than paid for themselves in the first two months.”

10. The Hard Close – 說會計或財務人員要關帳

“I just got word that our accounting department is closing the books at the end of the week. After that, we move to the new pricing/product/package plans. Would you like to take advantage of the widget plan we put together before the bean counters close the books on us?”

11. Summary Close – 就 summarize 適合健忘或很久前的 deal

12. The Take Away Close – 建議拿掉部分功能 省錢省時

我覺得你們用不到薪資 建議只用 premium 就好,省一點錢

13. The Question Close

“Well, now that you understand the features of the widget, do you agree that it solves your problem?”

(If yes, then move to the closing details. If no, then ask why it fails to solve the problem.)

14. Ben Franklin Close – 優點說多、缺點說少

“So, as you can see, the pros of our widget are that it is compact, versatile, and can address the efficiency issues you have been having in production. The cons are that it will have a learning curve for the team and your current widget is relatively new. Although, a new widget that works is a far better investment than holding on to a widget you already have that creates production hold-ups. So really, we are just looking at the learning curve here


15. The Impending Event – 要改版了趕快用

“I just found out that one of our other accounts had to push back their install a month. We have a spot in our schedule for the team to come to install the new widgets next week instead of in six weeks as I told you before. Should I get you on the schedule?

16. The Objection Solicitation – 用來治拖延的人

“Is there any reason we can’t get your first shipment of widgets over to you this month?”

17. The Probe For Opinion Close – 問意見

“I see that you have been looking at the clasps on the widget. They are our patented quick release fasteners.  What do you think of them?”


18. 70/30 Rule – 70 聽、30 說

19. The Needs Close

By fulfilling these needs, how much money will be saved and ROI will be achieved?


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