[SaaS 筆記 38] 一些 ARR 1B 的公司 (part 1)


6.67 PEPM – 12.5 PEPM
130,000 付費客戶

1,000+ $100k ACV Customers, 49% revenue from Big Customers.  Slack continues to march to an enterprise beat, which should make it a strong fit with Salesforce.  They’ve crossed 1,000 $100k+ customers, out of 140,000 total, and stayed consistent with 49% of their revenue from $100k+ deals


160,000 customers

Annual Net Revenue Retention Rate by Target Customer Type

112% Net Revenue Retention.  Zendesk doesn’t see the 140%+ net retention we see in the enterprise (big deal sizes) or in many B2D companies like Twilio, but it’s still above 110% for a business that is 60% Enterprise / 40% SMB.  So that should be your yardstick, too.  Strive for at least 110% net revenue retention if you sell to a mix of SMBs and Enterprise.  No excuses.

Half of Zendesk’s growth probably comes from the installed base.  Half.  If Zendesk is growing 24% at $1B in ARR, and sees 112% net dollar retention … that probably means as much as 50% of its growth comes from its existing customers.  Think about that.  Are you investing enough there?  The only thing that really makes it easier over time is having 1000s of happy, loyal customers. With lower growth from its existing customer base, Zendesk wouldn’t be the success story it is today.  Not even close.


It took Hubspot 6 years to get to $50m ARR — pretty fast right there.  But then it went from $50m to $250m ARR in just the 4 years following.  And then from $250m ARR to $500m ARR just 2 years after that.  And then went from $500m ARR to $1B ARR in just another 3 years.  Wow.  If you have something great in SaaS, never sell.

 Growth was 32%+ at $1b ARR.  But no big boost from net negative net churn.  HubSpot sells to what it calls mid-market customers.  We might call them SMEs (vs SMBs).   32% is super impressive at $1b in ARR in general, and in fact accelerated from 30% in the prior quarter.  But with ~100% net revenue retention like Shopify (which also sells to SMBs) but not the 140%+ for Slack, Zoom, and Pagerduty’s SMB customers, they do have to work harder.   Still, 100% net retention should be your basic standard with SMEs.  Hubspot does it at $10k ACV.  So can you.

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